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Changing hygiene behaviours in outbreaks

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Hygiene kits

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Surface transmission, cleaning and waste management

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Personal Protective Equipment

Latest evidence and recommendations for the use of masks and gloves

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Community engagement and communication materials

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Faecal-Oral Transmission of COVID-19

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Inclusive COVID-19 Programming

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COVID-19 prevention in specific settings

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COVID-19 and Schools

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Monitoring and Evaluation

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Physical distancing

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Other resources

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Stay updated on the latest news from the COVID-19 Hygiene Hub

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Case studies

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COVID-19 modes of transmission

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Changing preventative behaviours

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COVID-19 programme design and delivery

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Monitoring, evaluating and adapting COVID-19 programmes

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COVID-19 programming in specific settings

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Consideration of vulnerable groups

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Hygiene sustainability and advocacy

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Improving practice

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