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Promoting hand hygiene in Tanzanian prisons during COVID-19
Continuity of essential health services during COVID-19: insights from West and Central African countries
Evidence-based communication materials to promote handwashing against COVID-19
Coordinating a national Risk Communication strategy to fight against COVID-19: insights from Nigeria
Putting geospatial data to use for communities in Zambia during COVID-19
3M: A national monitoring system for COVID-19 prevention behaviours
COVID-19 Hotline: Informing people about COVID-19 in Somalia
Wash’Em: resources and tools to design handwashing promotion programmes for COVID-19 response
Language support for two-way communication in Cox’s Bazar during COVID-19
Interactive Radio Programme ensures children’s educational continuity amid COVID-19
Engaging children with puppets and colouring books to teach about COVID-19 preventive measures
Engaging school-aged youth to write radio dramas on COVID-19
Designing a theory and evidence-based COVID-19 prevention programme that is feasible within a refugee camp
COVID-19 engagement through Question and Answer Sessions
A multi-level programme to tackle COVID-19 in a region plagued by conflict and displacement
Empowering vulnerable communities to deal with the secondary impacts of COVID-19 through audio-based phone communication
Using radio to communicate to millions about COVID-19
Using social media in the local language to engage with populations in a tailored way
Celebrities join nation-wide movement to combat COVID-19
Reaching rural communities in Kenya through a COVID-19 Response App
Engaging Faith leaders in the fight against COVID-19