During our three-step process of hygiene project design you will have gathered lots of information about behaviour, your context, your populations and the opportunities that are available for delivering your programme and changing behaviour. All of this information should be brought together to inform a preliminary outline of your context-adapted behaviour change programme. When thinking about how all these components can be combined to inform creative project ideas it can help to draw on a range of expertise. This could include engaging creative agencies, members of your target population, WASH and behaviour change experts and those who will be involved in delivering the project.

For more information on how to creatively design hygiene projects follow the tips in this article or follow the steps described in the webinar below.

Source: LSHTM & WaterAid

Further reading / support:

  • In this article we provide some simple options for handwashing promotion activities.

  • In this article we also describe how hygiene kit distribution can be adapted in camps at this time. The resource includes information about combining hygiene promotion with distribution.

  • If you need further support with developing effective hygiene behaviour change projects for COVID-19 use the chat function on the Hygiene Hub website to connect with some of our advisors via the chat function on our homepage.

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