Lots of guidance has already been developed to inform COVID-19 responses in camp, camp-like or informal settlements over the last months. The WHO and the Global WASH Cluster have collated a list of resources for humanitarian crises including camps and camp-like settings. The Inter Agency Standing Committee (IASC), United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), International Federation of the Red Cross / Red Crescent (IFRC), and WHO have also produced joint guidance on maintaining and scaling up COVID-19 response in crisis-affected populations. In the sections below, we summarise the relevant parts of the guidance for prevention of transmission according to three key goals of COVID-19 responses in camps and camp-like settings:

  1. Reduce person-to-person transmission

  2. Reduce contact exposure or surface transmission

  3. Ensure individuals with COVID-19 symptoms (or those in close contact with symptomatic individuals) seek care and/or isolate when needed.

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Editor's note

Author: Lauren D’Mello Guyett

Review: Miriam Harter, Nada Abdelmagid, Tara Vernon, Bruce Spires

Last update: 11.8.2020

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