This four part series learning event is brought to you by COVID-19 Behaviour Change Forum, the COVID-19 Hygiene Hub and Unilever. It was designed to help disseminate and reflect on the learnings from behaviour change programmes during the COVID-19 pandemic and provide valuable insights to advance our behaviour change practice more broadly across programme design, behavioural science, sustainability, inclusion, and MEAL.

Session 1: Improving programme design - What have we learnt from our hygiene response to the pandemic?

Session 2: Sustaining hygiene behaviours - What have we learnt from our hygiene response to the pandemic that can be sustained?

Session 3: Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning - How do you know what works in hygiene behaviour change?

Session 4: Leaving no one behind in social and hygiene behaviour change programming - Lessons from the field
Unfortunately, there were issues with the recording of session 4. You can however, access the presentations from the speakers.

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