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Facilitating easy and efficient COVID-19 vaccine roll-out
Facilitating easy and efficient COVID-19 vaccine roll-out

June 2021

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This webinar explores how we can improve practical supply and delivery issues to translate vaccination acceptance to uptake. Experts from the Behavioural Insights Team, Public Health England and Save the Children examine the use of insight and behavioural science to improve online booking systems, SMS invites and reminders, and to reduce the physical effort required in getting vaccinated by closing the intention-action gap and minimising cost and time barriers. Learning is shared from initial roll-outs to strengthen delivery systems and improve wider scale-up. This webinar was hosted by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO)’s COID-19 Behaviour Change Forum, Africa Vaccine Equity and Access Hub, End to End Network, Unilever and the COVID-19 Hygiene Hub.

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