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CARE’s advocacy tools and guidelines – Gives a good introduction to what advocacy is, how it is used, and how to create a plan to advocate, along with tips on implementation

Commonwealth Foundation’s advocacy toolkit – A simple, illustrated guide on the advocacy process and strategies for advocacy

Global Handwashing Partnership Hygiene Advocacy toolkit – Provides simple and clear guidance on advocacy specific to hygiene programming and links hygiene promotion to SDGs

IRC webinar and article on adapting advocacy – This resource provides information, with examples from Kenya, Bangladesh, Burkina Faso and Ghana, on how to adapt WASH advocacy strategies in response to COVID-19

Tearfund’s advocacy toolkit – A comprehensive guide that explains the the foundational elements of advocacy, breaks down the process of advocacy and provides case studies, training exercises

UNICEF’s advocacy toolkit – A very extensive document that provides in-depth information on what advocacy is, developing an advocacy strategy, monitoring and evaluating advocacy, managing knowledge and risks, and how to utilise partnerships

UNICEF’s guidance for advocacy in emergency settings – Describes various types of advocacy and gives overview of developing advocacy strategies with consideration of emergency programme contexts

WASH in Health Care Facilities advocacy toolkit – This document provides simple guidance on advocating to various stakeholders for WASH specifically in Health Care Facilities, but can be adapted for other settings

WHO’s guide to advocacy – A step-by-step guide on developing advocacy strategies, specifically for preventing chronic disease, but which can easily be adapted for other initiatives

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