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Online courses, webinars & links to key resource hubs
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Please note that all the articles on the COVID-19 Hygiene Hub are available in Spanish. For the Spanish version of the website please click here. You can also find posters and short videos in Spanish here.

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Mendrulandia: Information on making home-made soaps

Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology

  • Hoja informativa Fabricación de jabón: This fact sheet describes the history of soap, what it is, how it is made, and the two processes for making it.

  • Taller de fabricación de jabón: This collection contains CAWST materials on soap making. In includes a lesson plan and a fact sheet.

  • Plan de lección sobre fabricación de jabón: This lesson plan teaches how to make soap using lye. It includes several recipes and step-by-step instructions.

  • Plan de lección: Lavado de manos con instrucciones para hacer un Tippy Tap (DCL): Participants will practice proper handwashing techniques and learn about the most important times for handwashing. Key characteristics of a handwashing station will be discussed. Based on the time available, participants may also build parts of a handwashing station. It includes instructions on how to build a tippy tap.

  • Recursos de capacitación WASH: In this CAWST webpage, you can find workshops, lesson plans, presentations and trainings related to water, sanitation and hygiene. You can search for key words and select related topics. You can also use the filters from the left-hand column to select by topic, resource type, region and language.

  • Actividades, afiches y videos: This CAWST webpage includes educational resources on water, sanitation and hygiene. The search function and filters work in the same way as the item above. I particularly suggest browsing activities using the "Activity" filter.

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