Hygiene promoters can play an important role in promoting physical distancing measures. Here are a few simple ways they can do this during household visits or in their community. Make sure that they explain why they are doing these measures so that they are still welcome and acting in ways that are socially acceptable. Hygiene promoters should always:

  • Avoid handshaking

  • Avoid all forms of physical contact

  • Observe physical distancing by standing 1 to 2 meters away from others (depending on national guidelines)

  • Wash their hands frequently, preferably on arrival to each house. Where possible give hygiene promoters alcohol based hand rub to take with them. Otherwise hygiene promoters should wash hands with soap at public facilities or at household facilities that are outside. If this can not be maintained at sufficient frequency then consider doing remote forms of hygiene promotion and community engagement.

  • All household visits should be done outside of the house. Hygiene promoters should not enter homes and should avoid using spaces that are enclosed, poorly ventilated or indoors.

For guidance on whether hygiene promoters should wear gloves see this article. For other examples of how hygiene promoters can keep themselves and communities safe while doing in-person work, see the resources below:

Guidance for in-person data collection (written with high income settings in mind but some principles are still applicable)

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Author: Sian White
Review: Peter Winch, Julie Watson
Last update: 06.19.2020

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