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How can organisations assess whether COVID-19 response programmes are inclusive?
How can organisations assess whether COVID-19 response programmes are inclusive?
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The Hygiene Hub recommends using the COVID-19 Inclusive WASH Checklist which was developed by reviewing and merging existing human rights frameworks and inclusive WASH checklists. Developed for practitioners, it aims to support the inclusion of people with disabilities, older adults and caregivers in COVID-19 WASH interventions and can be applied when planning, designing, monitoring and evaluating WASH programmes.

The checklist contains two target groups: disability and ageing. Caregivers are included within both. Fifteen core concepts of human rights are listed on the left, including Non-discrimination, Participation, Family resource and Access. Each core human rights concept has a guiding principle, which are operational statements. Every guiding principle has a selection of suggested activities, which if carried out, would contribute to fulfilling the core human rights concept.

This checklist can be used to assess the extent to which core concepts of human rights for people with disabilities and older adults are considered in WASH programmes and COVID-19 response programmes, as well as the quality of any commitments made. To do this, a reviewer would:

  1. Read a programme document and identify when a suggested activity, guiding principle and core concept of human rights is referenced against disability and / or ageing.

  2. Assign a quality of commitment score to each reference: 0=Red= concept not mentioned; 1=Orange=concept only mentioned; 2=Yellow=concept mentioned and explained; 3=Green=specific policy actions identified to address the concept; 4=Cyan=intention to monitor concept was expressed

  3. Complete the COVID Inclusive WASH Checklist with this information

Once completed, the reviewer will see which core concepts are referenced, which are not, and the quality of commitments made to core concepts of human rights across disability and ageing. To improve inclusion, additional activities can be added and quality of existing references can be improved.

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