What are Information, Education and Communication materials?
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Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials are used to convey public health messaging in order to support the overarching behaviour change strategy developed to respond to a public health problem. IEC materials include a range of products like:

  • infographics

  • flyers

  • leaflets

  • brochures

  • social media posts

  • television adverts

  • audio spots for radio

  • posters

  • billboards or murals

It is important to remember that most IEC materials are not powerful enough by themselves to change behaviour. The materials should be incorporated in an activity or activities in such a way that they form a behaviour change package. The packages should complement each other in addressing a range of behavioural barriers in the target setting. A range of communication channels should be used including some which allow for a dialogue to be created with community members.

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